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The Elf Leader Lists

These lists provides the contact information for the individuals who coordinate with area schools. The Winter Holiday Program Leaders is first followed by the Summer Backpack Program Leaders. If you wish to help a particular school, contact that leader. If you are unsure of who to choose, would like to help in general, would like to become a leader, or would like to suggest an additional school or organization for our list, contact the Elf Organizer Bill Alberta, wna1(at)

Replace the (at) in the e-mail addresses with @ for them to work correctly.

Winter Holiday Program Leader List

Belle Sherman Melissa Mahannah mlb67(at) 255-8383 541 Statler Hall
Beverly J. Martin Brigid Beachler bk30(at) 255-2266 119 Ives Hall
Beverly J. Martin Jo Hagin jap7(at) 255-9358 193 Ives Hall
Candor Angie Smith ams27(at) 255-2274 B75-K1 Mann Library
Caroline Suzanne Wapner sw38(at) 255-1269 15 Fernow Hall
Cayuga Heights Ernestine Da Silva end23(at) 254-4759 315 Myron Taylor Hall
Chemung Amanda Simpson arp88(at) 255-0276 253 Sage Hall
Cincinnatus Maureen Brull mpb8(at) 255-7509 Suite 102, 395 Pine Tree Rd
Cortland Bethany Silfer bb29(at) 255-3758 105A Uris Library
Dryden / Freeville / Cassavant Jessica Carpenter jc265(at) 255-5047 410 Thurston Ave
Elmira Heights Cindy Greco jkg52(at) 254-2730 Schwartz Center for Performing Arts
Enfield Jean Miller jmt19(at) 255-3206 133 Savage Hall
Enfield Debbie Fern Smith dfs5(at) 255-7970 G77E Martha Van Rensselaer Hall
Fall Creek Casey Keller casey(at) 323-717-1137 119 South Cayuga Street, Suite 403
Geneva Elizabeth Demmings emt32(at) 315-787-2221 630 W. North Street, Geneva
Groton Rhonda Dellinger rn57(at) 255-8383 465 Statler Hall
Lansing Nichole Lovejoy nw39(at) 255-2150 2nd Floor, Mann Library
Lansing Sharon Tuttle smt23(at) 255-7198 1302B Martha Van Rensselaer Hall
The Learning Web Sherry Alberta wna1(at) 277-0990
Marathon Danielle Hartman dnd23(at) 253-3443 112 Baker Institute
Moravia Valerie Kelly vkelly23(at) 255-1542 3250 Martha Van Rensselaer Hall
Newfield Nicole Kotmel ncm26(at) 254-2910 Suite 103, East Hill Office Building
Northeast Dina Maxwell dem289(at) 255-6867 Day Hall
Odessa-Montour Linda Griswold lag13(at) 255-7280 373 Pine Tree Rd
Owego Apalachin Lynn Dowling lad25(at) 254-1352 130 E. Seneca St., Suite 400
Pound Ridge Katie Princisvalle klp74(at) 914-960-3349 Pound Ridge, N.Y.
South Hill Jennifer Mailey jam333(at) 253-3702 S2-013 Schurman Hall
South Hill Elena Welch ew68(at) 253-3703 S2-013 Schurman Hall
South Semeca Lisa Clark lmc20(at) 254-8580 B07 Day Hall
Southern Cayuga Michelle Zirbel mlz2(at) 254-2753 180 Statler Hall
Spencer-VanEtten Pamela Torelli plr2(at) 255-6859 216 Stimson Hall
Tioga Ernestine Da Silva end23(at) 254-4759 315 Myron Taylor Hall
Trumansburg Trina Garrison kdg47(at) 255-3810 303 Morrill Hall
TST BOCES Laura Hufnagel ljh255(at) 255-7169 210 Warren Hall
Union Springs Michelle Zirbel mlz2(at) 254-2753 180 Statler Hall
Virgil Karen Snover-Clift kls13(at) 255-7860 324 Plant Science
Watkins Glen Wendy Treat wgt2(at) 254-4240 453 Day Hall
Waverly Amanda Simpson arp88(at) 255-0276 253 Sage Hall

Summer Backpack Program Leader List

Backpacks packed    Backpacks delivered

Belle ShermanCaitlin Matthewsoncb264(at)cornell.edu255-9155130 E. Seneca St., Suite 400
CandorAngie Smith ams27(at)cornell.edu255-2274B75 Mann Library
CarolineEllice Switzeres356(at)cornell.edu255-2132203 Dolgen Hall
Dryden Elementary Maureen Brullmpb8(at)cornell.edu255-7509395 Pine Tree Road, Suite 102
EnfieldMatt Conwaymjc69(at)cornell.edu254-4610Johnson Art Museum
GenevaJessica Townleyjet239(at)cornell.edu315-787-2236Jordan Hall, Geneva
GrotonCathy Klimaszewskicrk7(at)cornell.edu254-4627Johnson Art Museum
LansingRhonda Dellinger rn57(at)cornell.edu255-8383Hotel School
MarathonBridgette Bushbip1(at)cornell.edu255-9065365 East Hill Plaza
MoraviaVal Kellyvkelly23(at)live.com255-5854189 Statler Hall
Newark ValleyPenny Spoonhowerpl82(at)cornell.edu254-6119130 East Seneca St, Suite 400
NewfieldJessica Divelljh144(at)cornell.edu253-3076S3008 Schurman Hall
Northeast ElementaryDina Maxwelldem289(at)cornell.edu255-9806130 E. Seneca St., Suite 505
Owego ApalachinLynn Dowling lad25(at)cornell.edu254-1352130 E. Seneca Street
South HillJennifer Maleyjam333(at)cornell.edu253-3702S2-009 Schurman Hall
South HillElena Welchew68(at)cornell.edu253-3703S2-013 Schurman Hall
South SenecaLisa M. Clark lmc20(at)cornell.edu254-8580B7 Day Hall
Southern CayguaMichelle Zirbelmlz2(at)cornell.edu254-2753Statler Hotel
Spencer-Van EttenChristie Sayrecms44(at)cornell.edu255-3730111 Fernow Hall
Watkins GlenWendy Treatwgt2(at)cornell.edu254-4240Kennedy Hall, 3rd floor

For additional information contact Bill Alberta, wna1(at) at Elf Central.